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Posted by Kim Daneault on 2/24/2019

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and you forgot to make a restaurant reservation. Maybe a prix fixe menu at a fine-dining location isn't in the cards this year. Don't worry! In most cities are plenty of affordable, or even free, and last-minute things you can do that are just as romantic as that fancy dinner.

Picnic in the Park. 

If you canít get into that restaurant, consider creating your own dining experience. Pack up a home-cooked, or prepped, meal and take your loved one out to a picnic in the park. Find a nice grassy area with a view or pretty trees and set up your cute blanket, picnic basket and cozy up for a peaceful outdoor romance experience.

Scenic Drive. 

Take your partner on a beautiful scenic drive. No matter where you reside, it only takes a quick ten to fifteen minutes designing a trip your partner will enjoy. Maybe you go out to the country and drive through the charming landscape. Perhaps you take a stroll down memory lane and drive through the city by all your favorite places. If you have a little time to take into consideration their interests, you can design a drive around new things to show them. Maybe your loved one is a history buff, find historical locations throughout your city or county and take them on a historical adventure. Or, take them on a pop culture drive around town and tell them some anecdotes about their favorite celebrities, artists or musicians. 

Scavenger Hunt. 

Consider a scavenger hunt. You can find many free scavenger hunts online for cities all over the United States. Do a quick search and find one that fits you and your partnerís preferred activities or interests. Hop in your car and take them on a surprise adventure. At-home Romance. Of course, you can always go with a classic. 

At-home romance. 

Set a romantic dinner table and make your partnerís favorite dish or order in from their favorite take-out joint (plating the food nicely). Set up a backyard picnic and enjoy a fire or stargazing together. Prepare a romantic movie night with their favorite action, comedy or romance movie and all of their favorite snacks. You can also just something nice for them or add a nice gesture along with a meal activity, like setting up a relaxing bath or giving them a foot or back massage.

Without going outside your budget, you can create a wonderful romantic experience in a short amount of time. A handcrafted experience demonstrates that you considered your partnerís preferences and taste and created something just for them.

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